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  • Established 2015
  • IT consulting company covering all Danish regions
  • Customers are Top 100 and medium sized companies
  • Consultants with extensive IT background

SAP Defence (DFPS) competences

  • More than 50 freelance consultants with SAP Defense experience, many have been cleared NATO SECRET or NATO CONFIDENTAL
  • More than 50 freelance SAP consultants covering all SAP modules in general
  • Management level Strategical/Tactical level from primarily Danish Defense
  • SAP DeMars (Denmark) consultants
  • SAP DFPS (Norway) consultants
  • Top level management, Program Management, Project Management, Test Management, Implementation Consultants, Education and Training

We are

Jesper britze
Senior adviser, capt n (rtd)


Jesper Britze is a former naval officer, Capt. RDN, who have been commanding officer in several warships. Furthermore, Jesper has been responsible for IT in Danish Ministry of Defence. Most recently Jesper has been CIO Danish Defense. In this position he among other things was responsible for the Danish SAP installation DeMars.


Tlf: +45 23 29 96 28

Senior sap specialist, sergeant major


Nick Holm-Olsen has more than 20 years as an NCO and civilian in the Danish defense. Important part of SAP DeMars project in Denmark, and has been working with SAP for Norwigian Defense


Tlf: +45 20 46 48 54

Lars Bæhr
executive consultant


Lars Bæhr has 36 years of experience as a naval officer. Several years serving as commanding officer on Danish warships. 10 years as Chief of Staff in Danish Defense IT Agency – responsible for the Danish Defense SAP installation.


Tlf: +45 28 30 16 77